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We are delighted to announce the exclusive launch of Bandzai NFTs, a unique opportunity for gamers and investors to own a piece of the BandzaiGame universe. This special sale includes NFTs of training centers, laboratories, nurseries, and a limited series of Founder's Edition Zai cards.

Why invest in these NFTs?

Rarity and exclusivity: Bandzai NFTs are designed to be unique, offering added value in both gameplay and collection.
Income potential: Owners of centers, labs and nurseries have ongoing income potential through the activities of their NFTs.
Sales benefit the project: the entire price of the NFTs will be used to buy and burn BZAI automatically on the Uniswap pool.

Your Bandzai NFTs will be mined and delivered at game launch (scheduled for Marth 20th 2024) on the Immutable ZK network, ensuring security and efficiency.
Grab your chance before it's too late! The exclusive Bandzai NFTs sale ends at the game launch.
Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to become a key player in the world of BandzaiGame.

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Founder editions

Founder's Edition Zai Cards ?/100

You already have:
Get the chance of a lifetime with Season 0's 100 Zaï cards - a limited-edition Founder's Edition.
These super rare cards are one-of-a-kind gems for discerning collectors. Only 100 cards available. All cards are silver
Try our yield simulator to calculate the yield potential of your cards, and try to win a card by leaving your 0x.

Training center

Training centers ?/20

You already have:
Become the owner of a center where ZAIs can train and earn XP. Each center has training slots and offers unique constant income opportunities.The center is sold by duch auction. Prices drop by $100 per day from $1,500 to a minimum of $500. First come, first served.


Laboratories ?/10

You already have:
Acquire a laboratory to enable ZAIs to learn sorcery, gain mana and become powerful wizards. An essential place to create and sell magic potions and generate a recurring income.The center is sold by duch auction. Prices drop by $100 per day from $1,500 to a minimum of $500. First come, first served.


Nurseries ?/2

You already have:
Nurseries are the starting point for buying and selling ZAI eggs. As an owner, you benefit from a regular income from the sale of eggs of different rarities. You can also reserve certain eggs.

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